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Background: The BRO Campaign was born out of a joint initiative between Ngāti Apa Charitable Trust and the Rangītikei District Council.  Funded by Ministry of Social Development, under their Punanga Haumaru fund, both parties will work to together to facilitate community driven action to reduce the number of bullying incidents within the lower Rangītikei region.


  • To encourage and support community-wide commitment to addressing bullying of children and young people;
  • To build on the experience and expertise that already exists in the community;
  • To support whanau and community driven action that encourages positive social behaviour in children and young people;
  • To build community ownership and commitment to changing attitudes and behaviours; and
  • To support local change.

Vision: “To create a safe and caring environment where children and young people can thrive”


  • To increase knowledge and understanding of the impacts of bullying and provide tools and strategies to support action through media, social media, websites and other information channels;
  • To support communities to provide a safe and caring environment for their children and young people;
  • To mobilise parent and whanau action for positive change



  • Children and young people:
    • Feel safe and supported and grow to be happy and capable adults;
    • enjoy a positive school environment; and
    • have healthy relationships with their peers and families
  • Families and communities:
    • Recognise and know how to challenge bullying behaviour; and
    • Role model positive behaviour

About our logo: 
The use of the word “BRO” is two-fold. Firstly, it is commonly used by today’s youth (both male and female) as a friendly greeting or a form of address i.e. ‘brother’, ‘buddy’, ‘mate’ etc. 

Secondly, the letters are an abbreviation for ‘bullies r out’.  In this context bullies r out means, ‘it ain’t cool bro’ (it isn’t cool mate).  The use of abbreviations is typical text and internet slang used by youth today. 

The dripping font type used for the word BRO symbolises change or changing attitudes and behaviour.  And the playful font used for ‘bullies r out’ represents a positive school environment.

The positioning of the words ‘we support positive behaviour’ at the top of the logo, represents the embracement and support of the community.

And there are three colours used, magenta represents common sense; yellow represents the expression and integration of new ideas and thoughts; and white represents innocence, new beginnings and wiping the slate clean.

What is bullying? Bullying is repeated, deliberate and harmful behaviour towards others. It means one person has power over another. It involves young people, their peers, adults, parents, school and home environments, and the world young people grow up in.

For more information about the BRO campaign, contact:

Hawea Meihana
Te Runanga o Ngā Wairiki Ngāti Apa

Work: 06 327 5594
Mobile: 027 5554 995
Email: hawea@ngatiapa.iwi.nz