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Tips for surviving Bullies

Here are some things you can do to help protect yourself when you are being bullied.

  • Remind yourself that you don't deserve to be bullied. It's not your fault. Bullies have a need to have power and control over others and desire to hurt people.  Sometimes bullies also feel bad about themselves, but not always.  Sometimes bullies are bullied at home by their parents and are determined not be bullied at school – they would rather bully others.
  • Try not to show anger or fear. It lets the bully know he's getting to you, and that’s what they want. Don't bully back. Put on your best poker face. Calmly tell the bully to stop and leave you alone, or say nothing, and walk away. (This may take some practice.) Eventually, if you don't respond to the bully, he may stop bothering you.
  • Practice not looking like an “easy” target.  So practice shoulders back, look into the eyes of the bully ( not at the ground or somewhere else), stay calm, and walk away with confidence.
  • Never fight back, but let the bully know you are not an easy target.  Stay calm, and tell the bully with confidence and determination to “stop it!” and to “Leave me alone.” Or, you might say, “No! You can’t have my pencil.  I need it” Then walk off with confidence.  Don’t stand there.
  • Use your best judgment and follow your instincts.  For example, if the bully wants your homework and you think he/she is about to punch you, give up your homework and then walk off with confidence and appear like the bully did not hurt you.  Then, tell an adult what happened.
  • Avoid the bully as much as possible. Avoid places in school where there aren't many other people around. Don't be alone in the bathroom or locker room. Sit with friends at lunch, and walk to classes with friends or a teacher.
  • Sit near the front of the bus, or walk to school a different way. Listen to music.
  • Remember, tell an adult you can trust about what's happening, too. They can deal with the bully in ways that you can't.

Although it may not feel like it, the bullying won't last forever. You will move on to other situations and places where people will appreciate you.