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If you are being bullied:

  • Report it: Tell someone you trust, or you could write a letter and give that to a trusted adult.
  • If a person doesn’t help you don’t give up, find someone else.
  • There is safety in numbers – don’t become vulnerable to bullies and bullying by being alone (friends help!)
  • We know it can be hard but confidence can help stop the bullying.
  • Speak up and stand up for yourself e.g by saying in a strong voice that you do not like that and the bully should stop it now.
  • Say no and walk away (walking away may give you more power…but sometimes it is safer to run away).
  • If it is on a cellphone or website, save it, tell someone, then report them to the phone company or website owner.
  • Avoid the bully and avoid being in places where you feel unsafe.
  • Find a safe place to go