Group Manager



Grant Huwyler BCA

Grant is a member of the Hunia and Te Mana whānau of Ngāti Apa and Ngā Wairiki and has had a long association with the Rūnanga spanning the last 18 years. In his professional career Grant is a management graduate with experience in executive management having been part of the team that set up the Maori Television Service and having been the Chief Executive Officer for Hokotehi Moriori Trust in the Chatham Islands. Grant is employed by the Rūnanga in an interim capacity to develop good systems for managing the Rūnanga’s settlement assets, as well as the continuation of the Rūnanga’s health and social services. This includes working closely with the Trustees of the Rūnanga and with the Directors of Ngāti Apa Developments Ltd. Grant is supported by a small management team and carefully selected external advisors.