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About the 'SAFE BRO App'



SafeBRO is a personal safety App for young people who may be at risk, feeling unsafe or in serious danger.  SafeBRO can help you in situations that are out of your control.

In an emergency, push the big red HELP button on the SafeBRO App and an instant alert will be sent to your nominated contacts. This will automatically generate a text along with your current address or your GPS coordinates which can be seen in Google maps.

After installing SafeBRO, tap the BRO logo to learn how to use this App.

Every young person should have this App, and parents will love it too.  And best of all, it's FREE!

Download SafeBRO by searching your smartphone's Apps Store (currently only available for the Android smartphone platform). There you will find the SafeBRO app available for download free.

For more information about the BRO campaign, contact:

Hawea Meihana
Te Runanga o Ngati Apa

Work: 06 327 5594
Mobile: 027 5554 995